[#] Scene number
[1]CG character is walking down the street, when a man (live actor A) from the side of the street approaches him, asks for ID and gives him covertly a box.  This event looks pre-organised – like a secret exchange of some sort.  [2]The CG character starts studying the box as he continues walking.  He bumps into a passer-by who is talking on the phone (live actor B), which causes him to drop the box along with his ID, which was still in his hand. The man apologises (no dialogue) and picks up the box for him.  CG character is stunned and snatches the box from the man’s hands, and gives him a push on the shoulder as he walks away suspiciously – looking around and over his shoulder – the box is precious to him. The man notices the ID on the ground picks it up and runs after the CG character to return it. [3] The CG character notices the man running behind him and panics, thinking that he is after his box. He runs into an alley to lose him but it’s blocked by police tapes and a car.  He stops, he can’t go forward and he can’t go back because the man is approaching, so he runs into an open door. [4] Interior: Old stairs with a big window on the middle floor – looks abandoned. CG character walks up the stairs while looking over his shoulder, which causes him to miss a step and fall through the window. [5] As he crashes out the window, the box slips from his hands in slow motion and tries to grab it mid-air while falling into a skip. There’s a small pause as he is trying to figure out what happened – the box is tightly held on his chest with both hands. Then he climbs out the skip, dust’s himself off while looking at the broken window, and jogs out to the street.  Tries to jump over a fence but falls to the ground, but gets up instantly and limps onto the street. [6] He hears somebody shouting and he turns around at the man who is waving at him (ID in hand); the CG character panics again and runs home. [7] Small fast paced shots showing him running/walking home. [8] He opens the front door of his house, with the box firmly placed under his arm, which he then places on the desk by the door.  He stands on top of it, switches on the desk lamp, and rubs his hands.  He sits, and finally opens the box.  He is delighted with its contents, which is... a pair of EARS! He sits back on the chair, and slowly takes off his headband – revealing his big animal ears, which unfold and stretch in order to relax them as he had them tucked and tied under the headband. He then proceeds to pick up the pair of realistic human ears from the box. (Sign on the box: Prosthetic ears.)
Further Ending:
Will be displayed as 2D illustrations, showing that he wanted the prosthetic ears for a date, but when his date arrives and he opens the door, she also has big animal ears. But hers are stretched up proudly. So his ears pop out too, with a silly face.


Pre-visualisation video: